Gorilla Bite: Say Yes to Two Week Sprints

Two shall be the number, not three, not four, and five is definitely right out. (Forgive the Monty Python joke).In 2023, two week sprints are the most common Sprint duration seen in teams. The question is why? 

Scrum’s three pillars of Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation tell us faster feedback is better. So, one week Sprints would be great. 

Principle 8 of the Agile Manifesto says “Agile process promote sustainable development”. So, a one month Sprint would be less meetings on the team. 

Two week Sprints strike a middle ground between maximum feedback and sustainable pace. Twenty-six time a year the team can answer the question, “how are we doing towards meeting the Product Goal?” And with the major Sprint Events every two weeks, we avoid overloading the team. (And if you prescribe to the Gorilla’s “No Fridays” you also give the team strong focus time. 

Two week Sprints, starting on Thursdays, sets your team up for a cadence of success in the delivery of sustainable value. 

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