Joel Bancroft-Connors, The Gorilla Coach

Helping Companies create more sustainable value.

You want your company to be successful and grow, that’s an admirable goal. In today’s environment success goes hand in hand with a sustainable organization that is able to repeatedly generate value both for its customers and its employees. Companies that have this focus are the companies changing the world today.


What Challenges Can I Help You With?


Agile Training

Agile practices are the most successful way to deliver value. Knowing “Why” and “How” it works starts with a good foundation of learning.


Organizational Discovery

To change for the better, you need to start with knowing where you are today. Create a data-backed view of your current organization.


Organizational Design

The ability to sustainably deliver value starts with how your organization is structured. Are you set up for success?


Agile Coaching Academy

Being an Agile Leader is an ongoing learning journey. Do you know what your next learning step is?


Team Kaizen

Teams are the primary engine to deliver sustainable value. They need tuning and maintenance to accelerate their ability to deliver that value.


Leadership Coaching

Even the greatest athletes still have coaches to help them continue to grow. What is your learning edge?



Starting right is the secret to finishing well. Whether you’re kicking off a new product, a new team, or even replanning, a structured liftoff can mean all the difference.


Profit Streams™

Creating value is no longer enough to ensure success. Sustainable value requires profitability. Convert your Value Streams to Profit Streams.

About Me

I’m Joel


The Gorilla Coach.

What is a Gorilla Coach? It’s someone who can deal with the “Gorilla in the Room” which is part elephant in the room, that problem no one wants to talk about, and part 800 lbs angry gorilla, that can do whatever it wants and leave you wondering what happened to your business strategy.

I’ve worked with teams in every industry, from data warehouses to legal software, and I have yet to find a place where agile doesn’t work. The focus on transparency and adaptation leads to sustainable success.

If You Have A Question,
Feel Free to Call 650-922-3923

If you want to deliver value, over and over again, I can help you to reach that goal, and maybe you can help make the world a better place as well.

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